The purpose of my photography is to capture digital images of various scenes and subjects in North and South Carolina that tell a story.  These images can  be acquired for display in a variety of ways -- as prints (paper, canvas, or metals), photo books, coffee mugs, mouse pads, calendars, and much more.  They can be selected for their appropriateness for display in offices, homes, and public buildings.  My primary focus is landscape/nature photography, including natural formations such as rivers, waterfalls, plants,  mountains, fields, and valleys. I also offer images of animals and man-made structures, such as buildings, roads, bridges, walkways, and railroads. From my perspective, each image tells a story, and my intent is that the story will engage the imagination of the viewer.

Geographically, the photographs present images from my lifelong stomping grounds of North and South Carolina. Within my website gallery, you'll find images from the mountains of the western Carolinas, to the eastern coastal shores of the two Southern states. The natural beauty that makes the area so unique includes breathtaking landscapes and mountain views, and splendidly colorful sunrises and sunsets.  The lakes, rivers, and streams are so "southernly" inviting that they make you want to take your shoes off and wade right in. Structures such as cabins, sheds, bridges, and railroads that pepper the area's natural landscape jump-start the imagination. The landscape comes to life in my images of native flowers and trees and of wildlife such as herons, bluebirds, fawns, and elk. 

I hope you enjoy these images from my perspective, and I'd be honored to have any of them displayed in your home, office, or public building. Thank you for viewing my gallery.

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